In physics, Ohm's law says that current through a wire, I, is directly proportional to voltage, V, and inversely proportional to resistance, R:I=V/R.It's also true that resistance is directly proportional to the length of the wire. We have a piece of wire. We pass 12 volts through this wire and measure 100 milliamps of current. If I cut the wire in half and pass 24 volts through it, how many milliamps of current will I measure?

Accepted Solution

Step-by-step answer:Given I = V/Rand I = 100 mA = V0 / R0What is the new current (I) when resistance is halved (half the length of original) and voltage is doubled (12 to 24V)Solution:given: I = 100 mA = V0/R0new current, I' = V0*2 / (R0/2) = 4 * V0/R0 = 4*100 mA = 400 mA