television screens are measured along the diagonal. A certain 53 inch television is 45 inches wide. How tall is the television?

Accepted Solution

Because the television forms a right angle where the bottom meets the side, we can use the Pythagorean Theorum to calculate the diagonal. The Pythagorean Theorum states:

a² + b² = c²

In this case, let “a” represent the width, “b” represent the height, and “c” represent the diagonal. Substitute any known values into the equation above:

45² + b² = 53²

Simplify the right and left sides of the equation:

2025 + b² = 2809

Subtract 2025 from both sides of the equation:

b² = 784

Take the square root of both sides:

√b² = √784

Simplify both sides of the equation:

b = 28

The height of the television is 28 inches.

I hope this helps!