The school is planning a party for all the sixth graders. A survey of one class found that 6 people want hot dogs, 10 people want pizza, and 4 people want chicken tenders. The school has a total of 560 sixth graders. A. If the ratios in the survey are the same for all the sixth graders in the school, how many students want hot dogs, how many want pizza, and how many chicken tenders? Explain your reasoning. B. If hot dogs are sold in packs of 8, how many packs should the school purchase to ensure they have enough hot dogs for the students who want hot dogs to each get one? C. Each large pizza contains 12 slices per box. Using the number you found in part A, how many pizzas should be purchased to make sure that each student who wanted pizza will get a piece?

Accepted Solution

Answer:168 want hot dogs280 want pizza112 want chicken tendersyou add 6+ 10+ 4= 20 then divide 560 by 20 to get 28then multiply 6, 10, and 4 by 28 to get what everyone wants21 packs of hot dogs24 boxes of pizza