which of these terms does not describe polygon ABC a. reflection b. translationc. preimage d. image

Accepted Solution

Answer:B. Translation.
Step-by-step explanation: We are given triangle ABC in on the graph.Also another triangle A'B'C' given.We need to describe if it is reflection, translation, preimage or image.Let us describe reflection, translation, preimage or image definitions.Reflection: It is basically a 'flip' of a shape over the line of reflection.Translation : Translation is a term used in geometry to describe a function that moves an object a certain distance. It should not be rotated, reflected or re-sized.Pre-image: Pre-image is just the original image before the transformation.Image: The given image.We can see that according to above definition reflection, preimage and image are there for triangle ABC and A'B'C' .Therefore, translation does not describe polygon ABC.